Concepts of GMO-free Environmentally Sensitive Areas

This paper summarizes a two-part study dealing with concepts of GMO-free environmentally sensitive areas which was conducted on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Consumer Protection. The first part outlines the basic arguments and frameworks concerning GMO-free areas from a scientific and legal point of view and was finished in December 1998. The second part deals with the empirical results of a survey of experts' opinions about GMO-free areas and relates to different problems around the deliberate release of GMOs and the natural or/and agricultural environment (including organic farming). The empirical study was finished in August 1999. Since both parts of the study reflect the state of disuccion of 1998/99, this summary includes some new relevant aspects and developments in footnotes.



 Hoppichler, Josef (2000): Concepts of GMO-free Environmentally Sensitive Areas. Gutachten im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Soziale Sicherheit und Generationen - Sektion IX, August/September 2000. Wien. (publiziert: on-line Library of Mountain Forum: (