Evaluation of the compensatory allowances scheme (2004)

under the EU regulation 1257/99 in Austria and in other EU Member States

Austria has gained considerable experience with mountain farming subsidies and regional programmes specific to the mountain area over recent decades. Since the early 1970s a differentiated classification system has been the basis for defining support levels for mountain farmers. A revised classification system has been applied since 2001. The dominant objective for mountain farming policy is to maintain an agricultural and forestry sector based on environmental principles and small family farms. Under the 2000 – 2006 Rural Development Programme major alterations to the support scheme have been undertaken and support levels have been improved considerably for LFA farmers, and particularly for mountain farmers. The ex-ante evaluation and the mid-term evaluation were undertaken by the Federal Institute for Less-Favoured and Mountainous Areas in Vienna.


Hovorka, Gerhard (2004): Evaluation of the compensatory allowance scheme under the regulation 1257/99 in Austria and in other EU-Member States. In: Proceedings of the 87th EAAE-Seminar "Assessing rural development policies of the CAP", 21.-24.4.2004 in Vienna.